What is VIT™?

VIT™ (Vibrational Induction Technology) is our proprietary technology for FIR (Far Infrared) radiation induction. 

Far infrared has been proven to have a positive effect on improving the health and general well-being by improving blood circulation, inhibiting inflammation and encouraging cell regeneration.  The strength of the energy emission can also be calibrated optimally according to the specific application.

All our products are sent to an independent certification body, SGS* for validation.  In the testing, all materials inducted with VIT™ were validated, and the average emissivity rates of all our sample materials were exceedingly high with the highest rate of 97.3%.

* The testing standard used is FIR Emissivity %, and the test device is Bruker Optics VERTEX 70.

Unique Advantages of VIT™


VIT™ is the only known technology which supports direct far infrared induction onto our products.  This is unlike similar FIR products in the market using conventional technology of adding materials such as ceramic coating or minerals to their products which is known to be uncomfortable and reduced effectiveness due to the loss of additives over repeated washes.


The far infrared energy inducted by VIT™ can be 100% calibrated, therefore its stability and accuracy can be optimized according to the specific requirement of our product.  Emissivity of far infrared of our products is also consistently retained without the need for special care.


Our process is safe and reliable. All our products have been tested and validated by the SGS passed a radiation scanning for harmful substances. Our products have also been verified to a very stringent set of far infrared spectral characteristics.