Our company has pioneered the research and development of LightScience Field Induction Technology, which is a calibrated physical spectral energy induction Technology. Our technology has also been thoroughly tested and verified for its applications and usage. In less than two years, our technology has established a successful business model in the industry, and set a new standard and boundary in the use of technology. We can now provide a great variety of pioneer products that meet the needs and preferences of the market.

Our scope of business covers a number of areas which include water quality improvement of mineral water, drinking water and all other beverages, automobiles energy saving, air-conditioning energy saving industrial machinery energy saving, enhancement of coal burning efficiency, performance enhancement of electronic devices, quality improvement in crop and plants, food processing & packaging, personal health products, and medical equipment & accessories, etc.


Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs and demand of the worldwide community for high quality Far Infrared (FIR) products, and to play a leading role in industry. Making use of our innovative technology, we strive to re-establish new standards in the manufacture and quality assurance of FIR products.

Our Vision

Our company has two main objectives:

  • Amidst the prevalent main-stream corporate culture which seeks expansion and short-term interests, we aspire to re-create the value of business. We aim to upgrade the standard of quality of our products to meet “multiple requirements”, i.e. apart from making use of our innovative technology to serve the community, we are also committed to developing high quality products which are long-lasting, thus minimizing the harms caused to Mother Nature.
  •  Making use of our unique technology, inspiration and passion to serve, we strive to manufacture products which demonstrate the combined features of high quality, durability, practicality and beauty. Our products also embody a belief that adheres to continuous improvement of the environment and human health